After taking a little time off from blogging, I introduced my friends to my favorite teahouse serving up yummy crepes in Little Rhody.

Federal Hill is notorious for some of the best Italian restaurants in Providence, but it is also home to Schasteâ. Also called “the elephant room”, Schasteâ has two locations in Rhode Island (Cranston and Providence). I frequent their Broadway Street store as it is within walking distance of school and so many other good restaurants. This is the place I bring my friends to for a celebratory brunch, a hangover cure, or just a place to catch up after a long week. Any reason is a good reason to drive down I-95 for hot tea and crepes.

When you walk up to Schasteâ there will usually be tables set up outside (weather permitting). I typically grab a table inside, and since you can seat yourself I will go for a booth along the wall. Once you and your party are settled a server will bring over menus. There is a separate tea menu broken up into categories from black tea to international tea with short but informative descriptions after each option. My friends always ask for the Blooming Tea because the tea blooms into a beautiful flower while it brews. I like Liquid Jade green tea and White Coconut Cream tea, but to each their own. I have been told that their coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice are pretty good too.

When your tea is delivered to the table, the server will bring out a hourglass timer with different colored sands and tells each member of the party how long their tea needs to brew for. While the tea brews, peruse the main menu. It is divided into categories like sweet crepes, savory crepes, sandwiches, flatbreads, salads, and other lite fare. I stick to the sweet crepes and will usually order a Banutty (Autocrat glaze over bananas, natural peanut butter & a touch of honey) or the PBJ (natural peanut butter & strawberry jam) on a gluten free crepe. All of the crepes on the menu can be made gluten free or vegan upon request. I have seen my friends order salads, yogurt parfaits, and oatmeal that have all received outstanding reviews.

Baby Spinach Salad with Chicken

I like to look around and see what brings others to Schasteâ while I wait for my crepe. The vibe here is always low-key, perfect for an outing with friends or a cozy place to study. Based on my observations, the crowd is usually 18-35 years old, with duos and trios sitting in the main dining room and solo diners in the quiet room in the back. This quiet room is like a secret hideout, with comfy pillowed booths, tapestries, and a big chandelier. I sit there when I come in from school to work on a paper, blending in with the other few scattered college students doing the same. Conversations are quiet but lively back in the main dining room.

After 15-20 minutes or so, our crepes arrive. A hush falls over our table as we take a couple pictures of the beautiful spread (phone eats first) and then it is time to eat. The crepes are filling and satisfying, each bite tasting better than the last. You can easily finish them yourself, or opt to splitting your crepes with a friend. I try to take my time when I’m at Schasteâ, good things like this shouldn’t be rushed. After the first couple bites, we pick up where we left off and get back into conversation. My friends joke that I could never make crepes as good as these. I agree, I can never match Schasteâ, but I tried! Check out my Instagram to see how I failed at making a chocolate and peanut butter crepe 🙂

Nutella with Bananas

I don’t think our bill has ever been over $30.00, so this place is ideal for college kids looking to treat themselves on a budget. Schasteâ is my go-to for an escape from reality. It revives the soul with each sip of tea and each morsel of food. There is so much to do on this side of town, so I recommend walking around and exploring the area when you are done. Seven Star Bakery is just down the street, and the rest of Federal Hill has plenty to offer to keep you busy!

Rating: ★★★★★

Stop by Schasteâ at 300 Broadway, Providence, RI 02903 or 2170 Broad St, Cranston, RI 02905

Visit Virtually at

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